Feeling Anxious?

Which alarm was that?

A text? An email? An alert from messenger? What app makes that noise? Are you feeling caught up in the tyranny of the urgent? Are you feeling a little anxious, maybe? 

Here's an idea: try listening. 

I know, you're right, the internet is full of suggestions about stopping and taking a breath, or "centering" yourself. 

I'm talking about listening. We are so eager to post and reply, to speak up and speak out. What if we did the opposite? What if rather than speaking, we listened? 

St. Benedict taught his monks to listen. 

Esther de Waal writes, "To listen closely, with every fibre of our being, at every moment of the day, is one of the most difficult things in the world, and yet it is essential if we mean to find the God whom we are seeking." 

Pull over. Stop. Get where you can hear. How's your connection? Are you listening for his voice now?

--Waal, Esther De. Seeking God: the Benedictine Way. Fount, 1996.